Manildra Bowling Club

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During the 1930s a committee to establish a bowling club was formed, and purchased a block of land (present site) from the Railways Department. The committee also purchased timber planks which in later years were used as seats around the ring in Manildra Showground. This committee (President Herb Williams) functioned until the outbreak of World War II. Read the rest of this entry »

Moving Sheep

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Marj and daphne Windus on horseback 1944. The girls were known by their creamy ponies.

Daphne Bollinger (nee Windus) was born at Sister Brown’s hospital in 1930. She and her sister Marj drove sheep to Manildra rail yards from the family property, ‘Boxleigh’ Gumble every now and then, a distance of 8 miles. The trip took a few hours.  100 sheep would be a train/truck load. The agent, Bill Ashcroft operated out of Manildra House and the sheep would be sold at the Orange saleyard the next day. Read the rest of this entry »


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Milton Murray learnt to fly at Parkes airport which was affiliated with the Royal Newcastle Aero Club.


Pilot Milton Murray in 1955 with his 'Chipmunk' aeroplane in a paddock near the creek on the family propertyMilton and Ella Murray (nee Warne) flew to Tamworth to announce their engagement. Ella's father, Mr Richard Warne is photographed at Tamworth airport.


Plane sitting on the dirt airstrip on the property in 1980Crop dusting being undertaken by Hazelton's Air Services on 'Penard', the property owned by the Murray family in 1978


Amusu Theatre

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The art deco theatre in Manildra, near Orange, is a rare purpose-built theatre that has been operated by the same family since it was built in 1936.  Movie theatre expert, Professor Ross Thorne, has described it as “a living icon of the importance of film and cinema in the course and pattern of NSW’s cultural history”.

Allan Tom was one of the pioneers of the travelling picture show.  From the early 1920s to the 1940s he toured the goldfields and western NSW, screening silent movies for remote communities.  In 1936 he built the Amusu in Derowie Street, Manildra, next to the garage he operated with his brother.

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Manildra Swimming Pool

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Opening of the Swimming Pool on Mandagery Creek

In early days swimming in Manildra took place in a pool in Mandagery Creek, somewhere past the public school. The local residents built a wall across the creek which consisted of a concrete wall some 3ft 6in high. This backed up the water to form quite a deep hole. This served for many years as a place for recreational and competitive swimming. Unfortunately flood waters soaked around the edges of the wall and caused its eventual collapse. Read the rest of this entry »