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Richard Frogley

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Molong Express 1-7-1939

Time Rolls Its Ceaseless Course

Due to some inherent and intangible chord in our nature we fail, at times, to realise, or assess the extent of some calamity that has befallen us.  Time alone will bring us to a full realisation of our loss, as it will also help us overcome it.  The tragic loss to our small community of our esteemed and worthy friend and townsman, Richard FROGLEY, whose death occurred at his home at Manildra, on the 20th instant, is the climax to a series of sad misfortunes we have recently suffered.  This sad event has removed from our midst a man of sterling worth, a loving husband and a tender and devoted father and a generous friend.
The dauntless heart that feared no human pride,
Richard FROGLEY!  The man!  The brother!
Hast thou gone, and gone forever?
And hast thou crossed that silent river
Life’s weary bound?
Like tee, where shall I find another
The world around.
For further information see Manildra Memories folder at Manildra Library