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Amy Florence Giffin (c1873-1950)

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OBITUARY  MRS A. F. GIFFIN 18 August 1950

A link with the early days of this district was severed with the passing of Mrs Amy Florence Giffin, at the age of 77 years, at her residence at Fairfield on August 5th.

She and her husband had a farming property on Gumble Road many years ago, and raised a large family there. Her late husband was James Giffin.

Surviving members of her family are Lillias (Mrs Bawden), Stella (Mrs Maloney), Doris (Mrs Butters), Clorine (Mrs Wood), Winifred (Mrs Tuckfield), Margaret (Mrs Phillips), Lorna (Mrs Beckhaus), Colin Giffin and several grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Mr Geoff Giffin and Miss Enid Giffin of Manildra are nephew and niece of the deceased.
For further information see Manildra Memories folder at Manildra Library