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Opening of the Swimming Pool on Mandagery Creek

In early days swimming in Manildra took place in a pool in Mandagery Creek, somewhere past the public school. The local residents built a wall across the creek which consisted of a concrete wall some 3ft 6in high. This backed up the water to form quite a deep hole. This served for many years as a place for recreational and competitive swimming. Unfortunately flood waters soaked around the edges of the wall and caused its eventual collapse.

Swimmers in the Creek Pool 1944 – Irene Ford, Ron Hodges, Ruth Wenbain, Les Bennett, Bobbie Little, Denis Atkinson, May Youngman.

In the late 1950s and early 1960s there was talk of building a conventional pool and the project was finally commenced. It was necessary to raise large amounts of money and to inspire people to work voluntarily with physical labour. This was done and with a government contribution there was enough money to construct the pool.

The site for the pool was the subject of much discussion but it was finally located within Griffith Park.
The pool became a reality and was opened in 1964. Maintenance and supervision of swimmers and kiosk was again done by volunteers emphasising the ability of a small town to help itself.  In recognition of his tremendous contribution a life membership was granted to Ronald Miller.

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