Eunice Lennaen

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MY STORY by Eunice Lennaen February 2001

No, I cannot remember the flood of 1928, but was told about it so often by my mother that sometimes I think I can.  It happened on the bank of the Bocobra Creek, close to the junction of that creek and the Mandagery.

Father worked on the Shire Council, Boree then.  Mother worked the market garden, which paid for the 1927 Chevrolet car.  We moved from there to the other side of town to “Old Manildra”. Read the rest of this entry »

George W Griffiths

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George W. Griffiths who served as President [of the Baptist Union] for the year 1909-10 was the first country layman to serve in that position.  He was a General Store Keeper at Manildra and was an officer in the Manildra Church.  Mr Griffiths was born in Birmingham (12 December 1860), the second son of Mr Henry Griffiths, a wholesale manufacturing jeweller.  George was educated at Edgbaston College, Birmingham, and attended the Mt Zion Chapel.  He came to NSW in 1885 and married a Miss Miller of Cumnock.  He settled at Garra (15km west of Molong) as a farmer.  At Garra there was a meeting of Baptists, one of several such in the district, associated with the Orange-Spring Hill Church.  Read the rest of this entry »

Griffith Family

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By Gladys M. Gosper

George Whitehouse (his mother’s maiden name) Griffith came out to Australia for health reasons in 1885 and hoped to become a farmer.  As a friend of the family (James Watts) had come out not long before and settled with Christian and Charlotte Miller at Manildra, they took George too for experience and on 2nd May 1887 James married Louisa, and George, Emma.  The Rector came out from Molong, married the four young people and christened Mabel, the youngest of the family.  The home was on the creek, not far in off the Gumble road, opposite the Moolahway gate and is now part of Woolgarlo. Read the rest of this entry »

Auben Gosper (b 1894 )

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I was born on 11 January 1894 at Hornseywood, a property selected by my father Reuben John Gosper adjoining the Parkes – Orange road, about 28 miles from Parkes.  Hornseywood adjoined a property owned by my uncle, Herb Atkinson.  The homesteads were practically on the boundaries and were only short distances apart.  They were on the highest part of the Bumberry Range.  The railway line crossed here.

The little township of Manildra was the meeting place of several creeks and the name Manildra is supposed to be associated with the native’s name for meeting of the waters.  It was the connecting of the Gumble Creek, Garra Creek and the Flash Jack from Gregra.  It was called Flash Jack because of the suddenness with which it could flood after a heavy storm.  After those waters joined up the water became very brackish and so hard when the creek was low that it wasn’t much good for homestead use. Read the rest of this entry »

Wilfred Errol Giffin (c1904-1939)

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OBITUARY  MR W. E. GIFFIN  3 June 1939

Quite a gloom was passed over the whole district on Friday morning, May 26, when it became known that Wilfred Errol Giffin had breathed his last, after a severe illness of about a fortnight’s duration, during which the sufferer made a gallant bid for life, and kept in good spirits right up to the end, though it was generally known that hope of ultimate recovery was an impossibility, owing to the nature of the complaint.

The deceased young man, who was 35 years of age, was the youngest surviving son of Mr and Mrs Alexander Giffin, well known residents of Ainsdale Manildra, was a native of this district. Read the rest of this entry »