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Mr G.M. Strom was one of Manildra’s most progressive citizens.  He saw the advantages of the availability of electricity, and he had the courage and enterprise to bring it to Manildra.  He set up a generator in a shed and set about installing the new system into homes.  When demand grew, he installed a second generator and employed two men, Archie Smith and Tony Minciotti.

He ran the scheme for a number of years, until it was absorbed by the larger scheme sponsored by Boree Shire.

He continued to work for the Shire as a maintenance engineer.

The coming of electricity was “an indispensable adjunct to progress” according to the Molong Express.  Manildra owes it to this man, who had the foresight to bring an improved quality of living to the townspeople.

Unfortunately Mr Strom was electrocuted in 1942.  The following article is from the Molong Express, 31 December 1942.

“A gloom was cast over the community (Manildra) on Thursday last week, when the news of the tragic death of Mr G.M. Strom, the popular proprietor of Manildra Motors, became known.  He was engaged in cutting off the power at the residence of the public school, which was undergoing repairs, when he received an electric shock, which caused him to fall a distance of 20 feet to the ground”.
Stapleton, Hazel 1982, Manildra on Mandagery: town and district, Hazel Stapleton, Cudal N.S.W.