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During the 1930s a committee to establish a bowling club was formed, and purchased a block of land (present site) from the Railways Department. The committee also purchased timber planks which in later years were used as seats around the ring in Manildra Showground. This committee (President Herb Williams) functioned until the outbreak of World War II.
Sometime in the late 1940s the matter was revived and a fresh committee (President R G Miller) was formed to raise money and to construct the green. Money for this purpose was raised by the issue of £100 debentures to local residents.The grading and levelling of the site was done by Boree Shire Council and paid for by the committee. After that all work was done on a voluntary basis. The project was sponsored by Orange City Club and their greenkeeper, Robbie Robson, travelled to Manildra once a week to supervise the laying of the green.
When the grass was established a part time greenkeeper Mr Stan Wenban was employed but quite a lot of voluntary work was also required.
Mr Bill Sorenson built the original clubhouse which has been improved and added to extensively over the years. Play commenced on the greens about 1952 but the club was not officially formed and incorporated as a company until 1954.
This photo of the opening of the Bowling Club was taken by Margaret Livermore. Margaret recalls her father was a member of the club and she took these photos with her Box Brownie. She said she took photos because she had an interest in things and took photos of places.

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