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Rubie – Frogley wedding

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Molong Express 19-3-1904

Our Garra correspondent reports:  a very pretty and interesting wedding was solemnised in St. Andrew’s Church on Wednesday last week, when Mr A. Rubie (youngest son of the late Mr John Rubie of Garra) and Miss E. Frogley (youngest and only single daughter of Mr R. Frogley, senr. and also of Garra) were joined together in holy wedlock.  The Rev. Canon Alldis performed the ceremony in the presence of a large circle of friends of the Bride and Bridegroom, the church being artistically decorated with floral arch and wedding bell, flowers and other emblems of good wishes, in honour of the event.

The Bride, who was given away by her father, gracefully attired in cream-figured silk beautifully shirred and trimmed with lace, and with a veil and wreath of orange blossoms, the wearer looked the ideal Bride.  The bridesmaids were four in number viz, Miss Ada Burgess, Miss Kate Burgess, Miss Laura Frogley and Miss Vera Frogley, all of whom wore white muslin dresses, lace trimmings, blue sashes and white Leghorn hats.  The Bridegroom was attended by his nephew, Mr E. Willmott as best man.

After the ceremony a reception was held at Mr B. Frogley’s residence, where fully 150 persons sat down and partook of the wedding breakfast, which was most tastefully served up.  The Rev. Canon Alldis, in proposing the health of the Bride and Bridegroom, made feeling reference to his long acquaintance with them both and wished them a long and happy wedded life.  The bridegroom responded.  Several other toasts were honoured and later on the happy couple drove to Manildra, from whence they took the train to the “City of the Plains”, where the honeymoon is being spent.  Following is a list of the presents:

Mrs Tilbrook   silver bread fork
Mrs Sweetman  tray cover and silver bread fork
Mr and Mrs R. Frogley jr. ½ dozen silver teaspoons and tongs
Miss A. Packham  silver jam spoon, butter knife and pickle fork
Mr and Mrs B. Frogley silver teapot
Mr and Mrs P. Rubie  silver cream jug
Miss M. Brooks  diamond knife sharpener
Master W. Sloggett  photo frame
Mr and Mrs W. G. Fleeting pair of plaques and glass jug
Mrs Spence and family clock
Mr R. And Miss H. Frogley silver jam dish and spoon
Mr and Mrs J. Frogley  silver jam dish and spoon
Miss Laura Frogley  water jug and glasses
Miss A. Giffin   silver breakfast cruets
Mrs Alick Giffin  honey jar
Mr and Mrs E. Brooks  decanter
Mr J. Brooks   decanter
Mrs W. Burgess  silver pickle jar
Mr and Mrs A. Frogley silver jam dish
Mr and Mrs A. Giffin senr. biscuit barrel
Mr and Mrs I. & Miss Whiley biscuit barrel
Mrs E. Burgess  lamp
Mrs Miller & daughters silver jam dish
Mr J. & Miss H. Burgess pair vases
Mr and Mrs Craven  tea set
Mr and Mrs W.H. Sloggett pair salt cellars
Mrs Sloggett senr.  biscuit barrel
Mr and Mrs M. Brooks water jug and glasses
Mr and Mrs W. Fleeting senr. water jug
Mr and Mrs J. Rubie  tea set
Mr J. Haslam (Molong) cruet
Mr E. Fleeting   album
For further information see Manildra Memories folder at Manildra Library